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I recently bought the Powermate from Griffen Technology. And, I have this annoying problem, if I boot up my computer the Powermate will work, the majority of the time. However, if I boot it up another time, it won't work, so I have to reboot a couple times and it will come back and function normally. Can someone help me with my problem, my computer specs are below. Thanks!


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    Any ideas? Thanks!
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    imac davidimac david Posts: 286member

    yes, that happens with me too on occasion, mainly when switching between users.

    But I don't have to re-boot. I just double click the Powermate utility icon and it restarts. For me it happens so frequently I've put it in the dock. I have pretty much the same iMac as you, BTW.

    No idea how to fix it properly, mind you!


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    Ok, Thanks Dave, I will mess around with clicking icon and see if I can get it work when this happens. It's weird, it didn't happen at all yesturday, but a number of times on Saturday.
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    I noticed that this happens mostly after Repairing Permissions, if that means anything.
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    imac davidimac david Posts: 286member

    hope the double click solution is working for you, rather than re-booting.

    For me it's an intermittant problem, and nothing common appears to be going on other than maybe when switching between users with a sleep in between.

    I don't recall ever reparing permissions, so that's not it for me.


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    Nope fiddling with the PowerMate icon, does not work. I have to reboot to get it back, this really only seems to be a problem after repairing permissions.
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