upgrading from 9 to X - iTunes implications

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I'm currently running 9.2.2. with iTunes 2. I will be upgrading to 10.2.4 later this week. I understand it's a pretty simple procedure, but I want to know how I keep my current library intact to import into iTunes 4. Or should I even do that? I've only got 3 GB of music right now - would it be worth it to install it fresh into 4, using the AAC format? My only qualm is that of my 3 GB, almost half consists of singles that have to be imported and tagged individually.


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    lucaluca Posts: 3,833member
    iTunes 3 and 4 both have a feature that wasn't in 2 - the ability to keep your music folder organized by copying items you add to it. Here's what I'd suggest. After installing OS X and iTunes 4, just drag all your MP3s (preferably all in a single folder) onto the iTunes window and it'll copy all of them to the iTunes music folder. Then you can delete the original. Also, you can remove music without ever going to the iTunes Music folder... just press Delete and it'll move the item to the trash and also remove it from your library.
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    grimsongrimson Posts: 108member
    Thanks Luca. Sounds easy enough. I wonder how I'll manage to screw it up?
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