week old 1ghz pb issues....

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alright excuse my ignorance, but this is my first apple. and, I have a few questions and thought the very smart people here could help me.

1. after a shut down my ical reverts to the 17th of the month and doesnt display the correct date untill i launch it.

2. what are peoples display settings out there, i have my screen saver comes on in 10mins, display sleeps in 15mins, and computer sleeps in 30. Is this too conservitive?? what are you guys running? I guess i am scared of srewing up the display.

thanks yall 8)


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    The iCal issue is down to the fact that the application icon is 17th July last year, when iCal was announced. It's not a bug, that's just how it works, although the Dock icon reflects the date while the app is running. If you do a click-and-hold on the Dock icon, then select Show in Finder from the pop-up menu, you'll see that the icon in the Application folder always shows 17th July.

    As for the display settings, I personally have the display go to sleep after 5 minutes: saves more power and uses the display less than a screen saver (I don't really see the point of screen savers on an LCD, since their original purpose was to prevent burnt-in images on CRT monitors: I never use them). My PowerBook sleeps after 15 minutes, but that's more about conserving battery power than anything else. I always have the hard disk sleep option active, saving wear and tear on the drive.
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