Beige G3 as EyeTV server?

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Hey everyone-

I've got an old beige G3 running MacOS X Server (10.2.6). I want to know how well, if I add a USB card, EyeTV will run on that machine (it's a 266 Mhz G3). This would allow me to then copy my video files to my 12" PB for viewing, burning, etc. Has anyone tried EyeTV with a beige G3 before? How will it react to a USB card vs. built-in USB? Thanks a lot for the help!



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    gordygordy Posts: 978member
    If you don't get a response here. Try MacNN or Dealmac's forums. There's a lot of EyeTV discussion on those boards.

    I have never done it, by the way...
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