iDVD problems (5+ wasted DVDs)

in iPod + iTunes + AppleTV edited January 2014
iLife is really staring to make my life difficult. So far i have wasted 5 DVDs. iDVD will burn most of the DVD and then eject it before it is done. iDVD will give no error and continue like it is still burning. The DVD disc itself looks like it never finished burning. The larger inner section looks like it was burned normally but there is also a smaller area outside that that which doesn't look new but also doesn't look as like the burn is as dense as it is on the inside. Does all that make sense?

Anyway. I'm trying to burn multiple DVDs of the same thing. So the first one usually burns fine but then when I try to burn additional copies after that first one its hit or miss if its going to work. I had burned about 17 DVDs of another project with no problem, but now I'm trying to burn this new project and its being all weird on me!

Sorry for the crazy explanation. Let me see if i can summarize:

1. I made 17 copies of one DVD project, one right after another with no problem.

2. I made a new iDVD project and so far have burned about 6 DVDs with about 5 miss-burned DVDs, most of them after the initial burn.

Any ideas on what could be causing all these DVDs to be miss-burned?? It's extremely annoying. TIA for any ideas.
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