Verizon DSL ??? anyone using it?

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my DSL provider is currently twice the price of Verizon's DSL offering.

my free modem that came with my service may be crapping out and so i think i may jump ship .

has anyone successfully setup Verizon's DSL on a mac? OS9? OSX?

i remember hearing a few horrow stories years ago but i remeber hearing some successes as well.

watch my modem go down and i won't be able to check the responses. ugh.


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    ensoniqensoniq Posts: 129member
    As a company, Verizon sucks. (And I know, because I used to work for them on a number of projects as a consultant.)

    However, their DSL offering works just fine with OS9 and OSX. And their basic offering which is supposed to be 768k downstream and 128k upstream ALWAYS bursts to 1500k downstream during large downloads. I'm quite satisfied.

    -- Ensoniq
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    bostonmhbostonmh Posts: 97member
    I also have Verizon DSL and I am very happy with the service. In the two years I have had the service there have only been two times (only a few hours each time), where I could not logon.
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    escherescher Posts: 1,811member
    I'm currently on Earthlink DSL, which in my area is simply re-branded Verizon service, at $50/month. I was going to switch to Comcast cable Internet, which just became available in my building. But with Verizon's lowered price, it looks like I'll switch to them. $35/month is very reasonable. $30 if you get Verizon long-distance is even better.

    I just love price competition.

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    toweltowel Posts: 1,479member
    Did you guys hear that Verizon customers will get free access to the new network of payphone-based WiFi hotspots in Manhattan? Pretty cool.
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    emaneman Posts: 7,204member
    My dad's had it for about a month now in his place and it's been fine for him (OS X).
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    bluesignsbluesigns Posts: 315member
    i am reporting to you live via dial-up connection!

    my first time in on dial-up in years and i'm getting hammered with toll charges for the call.

    i ordered the Verizon dsl today and since i'm also opting for one of their package plans - i will be getting the dsl for 29$ a month.

    the package [i think it's called "freedom package"] is 59$ and gives you free unlimited free long distance and toll and local calls plus all the home bells and whistles for 59$.

    the software package/kit comes as a self-install with the modem for mac is OSX 10.1 or better ONLY . i asked for a OS9 version too and they said it doesn't exist .

    thanks for you help.

    i may have more questions when the kit arrives.

    [and the NYC Wi-Fi hotspots sounds great. i'm psyched about that.]
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    mrmistermrmister Posts: 1,095member
    They work for me--cheap, dependable and now with more WiFi.
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    defjefdefjef Posts: 62member
    I think I'm going to switch to Verizon DSL too. It's $10 cheaper than my cable connection (Charter) with more features like larger personal website space, more email addresses, and it looks like it has faster download speed.

    I need to do this soon. I think the special rate ends on the 20th. \
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    gizzmonicgizzmonic Posts: 511member
    Verizon is a terrible phone company, I dealt with them for a year when I lived in Webster, Texas (small town, no alternatives). They wanted to charge me $15 more a month so I wouldn't have a long distance number to dial Houston (Webster immediately borders Houston; it's about 2 miles away from the Johnson Space Center for Chrissakes).

    One time they attempted to charge me $8.00 for information calls I didn't make. I had to argue for 30 minutes to get that charge taken off.

    Their DSL might be better...I have a couple of friends who use it and they have no complaints. However, if you do have a problem, know that they are a bad company to deal with :

    (so named because verizon brought a lawsuit against the holders of the "verizonsucks" domain and won.
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