Backyard Tool shed

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I'm thinking about building a toolshed in the back of my yard for my parents before I leave for college. I just want it tall enough so I don't hit my head and big enough to cram alot of crap in it. I want to make it about 8x8 feet. Now since my father is probably the worst carptenter ever, I was curisou if anybody has any blue prints of a shed like that handy, or any advice if they've made one themsevles. Thanks a bunch, GO WILD!


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    ebbyebby Posts: 3,110member
    Run down to OSH and pick up a cheap metal shed. If you spend time building a foundation, they can last, well, a gosh-darn long time. I have 2 that are 12+ years old. Mine leaks like hell only because I lost the weather-proofing tape and never bought more. They are simple to install (even easier with 2 people) and can take a pounding.
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    doctorgonzodoctorgonzo Posts: 529member
    What Ebby said.

    Just do the foundation yourself and take the time to do it right. Maybe put down some flagstones or a little concrete walkway leading to the house or garage.

    Good luck!
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