iPod to buy from Best Buy or Apple?

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If I buy from Apple I can get the Education discount, $30 off. But if I buy it from Best Buy it will be $400 and for another $40 I get a 4 year replacement service. Which do you think is the better option?


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    dygysydygysy Posts: 182member
    The best buy is from Dell, get the 15gig a cheap accessory and get 10% off, +another $45 off.

    Or get the 30gig for $404 shipped.

    The only reason to buy from Best Buy is for their return policy.

    You can return your ipod within 30 days with no restocking fee even if it's open (if in good condition, not scratched etc.)
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    millsdudemillsdude Posts: 135member
    well should I buy the 30gig one? Because I just bought the 15 and have it infront of me. I really like the size of the 15 gig. Does anyone have any pictures of the 30gig and know how big it is, compared to the 15?
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    cakecake Posts: 1,010member
    Can't find any side by side pics, but the 15g is .62 inches thick or 15.75mm and the 30g is .73 inches or 18.5mm.

    3mm + double the capacity is well worth the extra $100.

    That's why I'm getting the 30g (plus the resale value of the 30g over the 15g will be substantial when Apple comes out with the next great iPod).
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