New hardware with software bundles

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I had heard some rumors <a href=""; target="_blank">(Spymac)</a> about software bundles? Does anyone know if the next round of bundles will come with the current configs or will they come with the next release/ugrade of the powermac line?

I'm specifically hoping to pick up Maya. Will they wait to bundle this one until better hardware comes out? What would that be?

I'm thirsty for any rumor on the new hardware config and what soft would be bundled with it.


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    odedhodedh Posts: 53member
    Alias|Wavefront already have a deal with Apple posted on their website that if you buy Maya 4.5 complete you get 2000$ off when you buy Shake 2.5 from Apple
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    I heard this elsewhere as well, but can't remember where.

    I was thinking of buying a PM in the next day or so, but now I'm tempted to wait until other software bundles come out. At least in my case it kind of defeats their idea of "better buy it now."

    Do you think an existing software bundle will end with the intro of a new one??
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