"1 bit" Zire is actually 16 bit

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I recently bought a Palm Zire, which on the website and datasheets is clearly described as Monochrome.

But in certain applications I noticed that some objects were grey, then I downloaded a demo of FireViewer and converted some of my JPEGs to load onto my zire, and they displayed in full 16 bit greyscale! (not quite colour but looks pretty good anyhow).

When using these application Some of the global UI (the contrast slider and highlights) were also displayed in 16 bit grey instead of monochrome.

If the zire is 16 bit greyscale then why don't palm advertise it as this? and why doesn't everything else in the OS run at this depth like on the "officially" greyscale palms?

Also is there any way I can switch to this depth permanently?



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    Hey WOW! Greyscale porn! 8)

    Actually I'm not surprised at all. There has been a LOT of scandal with the screens on these things. Some color ones which claimed to be 16 bit were in fact 12 bit and all kinds of other madness. I wouldn't be surprised at all if you have another type of 'anomoly' made out of spec....
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    ast3r3xast3r3x Posts: 5,012member
    hmm, what are TI Calculators?

    this kid i know has created the best grayscale out for them, and i mean THE BEST literally (he has no life)...to date the only other grays i have seen look like they are slightly flashing

    besides a slight flaw that you couldn't pic up on unless you have a large area filled, it looks gray and there are several shades he has created

    - the only problem is it sux battery life like theres no tomorrow-

    so as u can see i know nothign about screens, but since the zire is alotmore advanced then a calculator couldn't they just be doing the same type of trick of using filters?
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    squidthingsquidthing Posts: 124member

    Hey WOW! Greyscale porn!

    Hey, you have no way of proving that...

    Anyone else here have a Zire that can run in greyscale? Is it just some sort of spurious secret or is mine unique?

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