iTunes Organization

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Is there a way to customize the way iTunes organizes my music folder? The root directory is the artist, the child directory is the album, and inside the album directory are the music files. Is there anyway to change this ordering, or get rid of the album directory all together? Maybe there is some software to do this....any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks!



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    Under the iTunes prefs, under Advanced, turn OFF Keep iTunes Music folder organized. And change the root location right above that option if you so desire. This will NOT, however, change iTunes from creating directory hierachies when you import MP3s (or AACs).

    I like you, had my music folder highly organized with each folder pertaining to an album. I messed up when I upgraded to v.2 and selected that option I mentioned above, and of course, iTunes moved everything. I was pissed for a moment but quickly got over it.
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