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At the Apple Store (online) when you go to the Apple Pro Speakers It says on the bottom "Currently, Apple Pro Speakers should only be used with the new G4-based iMac or the Power Mac with minijack." So does that mean I cant use it with a PowerBook?

Another question, does anyone know when you will be able to buy the new Apple "Mouse" and Apple "Keyboard" that comes with the new eMac?



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    leonisleonis Posts: 3,427member
    Pro Speakers only work with G4 towers is because the speakers don't come with amplifier (which ONLY the G4 towers have).

    The only way to use Pro Speakers with PowerBook is to use the Powerwave from Griffin Technology. But it costs 100 bucks because it also supports singal conversion (A-D, D-A) etc etc.....

    All in all.....if you use PowerBook and want some speakers in good styles, look for speakers from JBL, HK, blah blah blah
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