importing Contacts and calender to iPod

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I'm using MS Entourage for email, contacts, and calender, and would love to import my contacts and calender into my iPod. But I tried to import my contacts into iPod by going into entourage and going to exporting contacts, though it tries to save them as a .txt document. But it doesn't show up in my iPod.


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    banchobancho Posts: 1,517member
    I use iSync to get my contacts/calendars to my iPod. I don't use Entourage so I do not know if it will sync your contacts/calendars over. It would be worth checking iSync to see if you can add Entourage items to list of things to sync.
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    doxxdoxx Posts: 41member
    ipod it is a great tool for it... you'll find it on versiontracker.
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    bperkinsbperkins Posts: 110member
    Is it possible to have the contacts in seprate folders as I have them in my address book?
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