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[Disclaimer: I am in no way a newbie, but this one's got me stumped.]

All right, I did search on Deja and found the text I was looking. Deja highlights the background of each word that you searched for with a different color. So I blithely copied and pasted the text into Stickies and noticed that the colored background carried over.

I'm not trying to figure out how to get rid of the highlight because I could just delete the one or two words and retype. (Or in TextEdit, I can convert from Rich Text to Plain Text and back again).

The real issue is that I haven't found a way to control the color and alter original text. Stickies and TextEdit obviously support it but there doesn't seem to be a way apply it to text. In TextEdit, there is Format > Font > Show Colors but that only controls the color of the font itself.

Am I clueless? Or has Apple implemented incomplete Rich Text formatting?



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    curiousuburbcuriousuburb Posts: 3,325member
    i'm guessing the copied text is considered HTML content.

    textedit you'd simply convert to plain text (remove HTML tags/formatting)

    highlighting the text in stickies will allow you to change text colour using the text colour menu, and you can change the note colour to kludge a new background

    if that still doesn't do it... hmmmm use textedit instead.
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    screedscreed Posts: 1,077member
    I do understand what's happening and how (Rich Text formatting). I'm just asking if I'm overlooking something obvious. Let me put my first post into one sentence:

    Am I crazy, or are there no controls to change text background color within TextEdit or Stickies even though they support the display of said colors?

    Screed ...Gee, why didn't I summarize that in the first place?
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