funny (language warning for Mr. G. links)

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just a few funnies to lighten the monday for those who're working

(Victoria Day holiday up here, eh)

in the meme spirit of CARS and riffing on an apple theme

in the meme spirit of Mahir, All Your Base, Bad Day, and Jedi Kid

quote from


What happens when you play Counterstrike too much? You end up with a potty mouth. And some enemies:

So, the story goes that co-worker A got sick of co-worker B's constant profanity whilst playing Counter Strike. Co-worker A then hid a microphone next to co-worker B's desk, and captured this stream of rantings. Then, as co-worker A was a member of an electronic music-making concern, he endeavored to edit it all together.

The end result was this: The Terrible Mr. G.mp3

I highly recommend the song above to anyone who has played/knows someone who plays/heard someone play Counterstrike

there's also a .wmv video of said Mr. G. (VLC will play it if you're on a Mac), but IMO not as funny as the mp3

and the zany wizards at MIT have built an Interactive Game System around a Urinal (with video)

and for the kids,

the Instrumental Elephant Band from a site in Sweden (Real and QT videos linked) here

got memes to share?
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