How common are dead pixels on new displays?

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I just noticed that on my three week old iBook, there's a dead pixel in the lower left area of the screen. I was wondering, is it normal to get a new display with one or more dead pixels on it? Is this any reasonable cause to request a replacement? Do most displays come off the production line in perfect order?

As far as I can tell, it's only got the one bad one.


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    ibrowseibrowse Posts: 1,749member
    Get it replaced. Not only will it drive you nuts, and it probably will, you shouldn't be expected to pay for a product that isn't 100% when you get it. Unless you bought it from some shadey "as is" dealer, get it taken care of. Is it dead or just stuck? If it's just stuck then you can probably fix it by gently rubbing it. It's not overly common, but either way, you shouldn't just put up with it.
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    ahboahbo Posts: 37member
    Apple's website seems to indicate that some dead pixels within a reasonable amount is considered acceptable. So I wonder if a dealer would take it back and replace it on those grounds.

    Rubbing it doesn't help. I thought dead pixels were supposed to be black (i.e. off) but this one is always white.
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    sebseb Posts: 676member
    go to apple's support site and do a search for stuck LCD pixel.

    You'll find your answer there.

    And, for comparison, Dell calls it a "natural defect in LCD technology".

    HP's pixel policy:

    Oh, what the hell, here's gateway's stance as well:
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    ahboahbo Posts: 37member
    Yeah, it seems as if Apple would not consider one stuck (?white) pixel as reason for repair or replacement. I bought the iBook from an authorised Apple dealer, and I assume the dealer would take the same stance on it as well, especially seeing as the unit is a few weeks old now.

    To tell you the truth, if I stopped squinting and purposefully looking for it, it probably wouldn't be an issue. It's a 12" iBook and I'm not a graphic designer or anything like that. This machine is for iTunes, internet, school, and watching movies.

    I could see it getting annoying while watching a DVD if the pixel is located on the bottom black bar. But... I don't know, seems like best thing to do is live with it rather than open up the can of worms of demanding a replacement. I just have to stop being such a perfectionist about it.
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