Employment at Seattle Apple store

in General Discussion edited January 2014
Anyone willing to help a Mac fan that wants to work at the new store in Seattle? I?ve applied through Apple?s web site for the University store location that will be opening soon. From what I?ve been able to find out, Apple only takes ?blind? resumes. I?m hoping someone can give me a few tips or point me to the local contact/recruiter because I?d really like the job!

I?ve been using Macs for over a dozen years (studied art/design in college), I know the competition (I supported PCs in my last job) and I?m continually helping friends with their Mac and PC questions (which I?m always glad to do). I don?t want to sit and wait for Apple to call. I know they could use someone like me and I want to make sure THEY know that.

Any suggestions? Post here or E me at skrug at yahoo dot com if you do. Thanks much and have a great day!
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