How do I play Soldier of Fortune II?

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I'm on a DP1250/Radeon 9000 and the framerates are extremely unplayable, well below 30fps. Eg, in the beginning of the tutorial on pretty much the lowest graphics settings possible, the framerate is stuck at 20 facing the secretary (and drops considerably when I face people). Framerates seem to be fine when I stare at walls though. The first level with the rain is completely unbearable.

In fact, the results are the generally same whether the settings are on the lowest or the highest.

So what magic option am I not enabling/disabling? I've tried r_smp 1, mixahead 0.1, chunksize 4096 (this crashes the game), and played with the vsync to no avail.


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    screedscreed Posts: 1,077member
    How much RAM do you have? Because this review essentially says to pass on this game if you don't have a G4 500 and at least 256MB of RAM. Obviously you have the CPU end covered, but this game may not support dual processors (which would rank as Extra-Lame(tm)).

    Check with the Process Viewer and see if anything else is chewing up cycles.

    I don't have the game. I have a Cube I might get it and wait for the 970 boxes.

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    dwsdws Posts: 108member
    SofFII is one of the most graphically-intensive games on the Mac market. The subject of optimizing performance has been covered extensively in various forums. Try out the pertinent threads on the Inside Mac Games forums. They will direct you to sites that also cover this topic in great detail.

    While getting the game to work nicely can take a little work; the results are worth it.

    If you simply wish to experiment; go into the graphics preferences in the game and delve into their many mysteries. With your setup, you should be able to get the game to run nicely in little time. To get the game to run at optimal settings can take more work.
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