PrintJobMgr uses 96% CPU after 10.2.6 update!

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I have been using Mac OS X since it left beta. After the 10.2.6 update, my next print job ran into trouble: I ran out of paper, but when clicking "Show Printer" in the error dialog, the whole system went to a blue screen. Then the user interface reappeared, much more quickly than a restart, and my CPU meter was pegged. A look at the Process Viewer showed that PrintJobMgr (process ID 625) was using nearly 96% of the CPU!

Each print job pegs the processor meter like this now, the entire time it is running. BTW, I am using an Epson 1270, and running a PowerLogix G4 550 ZIF overclocked to 600 in a B&W. Using other apps while printing is now considerably slowed down. This never happened before. Any ideas, anyone???


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    mrmistermrmister Posts: 1,095member
    You've repaired permissions for starters, right?
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    garypgaryp Posts: 150member

    Originally posted by mrmister

    You've repaired permissions for starters, right?

    Yes, I repaired permissions, started up in single user mode & ran fsck -y, booted from Disk Warrior 3 and repaired the directory. DW 3 repaired damage to "Wrapper Volume" but this had no effect on my printing issue. Maybe I should run Print Center Repair, or trash Print Center's prefs?
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    torifiletorifile Posts: 4,024member
    What's your printer model? Back at 10.2.something, the HP printer drivers were causing all sorts of problems. Maybe there's something similar to that here. I've not noticed any significant problems since updating.
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    Originally posted by torifile

    What's your printer model?


    Originally posted by garyp

    BTW, I am using an Epson 1270

    I actually was thinking the same thing, but I haven't heard of this happening with Epsons before.
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    torifiletorifile Posts: 4,024member

    Originally posted by Brad

    D'oh! Read first. Post second. Missed that part...
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