What if Apple chooses to call the new Apollo a G5?

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Then what? Will that alone curtail you from getting one even though it's not a "true" G5, but just a rev'd G4? Will you be like, "Screw Apple!" ...or..."Oh, god, that's another bad marketing move?" ...or...??????????

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    It wouldn't make any sense, since the two chipsets are already in existence and both have been named.

    The PowerPC 8500 is the G5, period. No one has any substantial information regarding what stage of development it's in or if it'll ship anytime soon, though.

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    I'd guess a lot of Apple users have never even heard of a G5. If Apple were tempted to rename the chip in order to trick people into thinking it was better than it is, I don't think it would help much. It would also cause them problems when the proper G5 was ready, as it contains architectural improvements far beyond simple clock speed. Do they call it a G6?
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    kidredkidred Posts: 2,402member
    Depends on the chip. If there are enough rev's and improvements then I'd be ok with it.

    If it's the same G4 I have at 1.0ghz and they call it a G5, screw that, I'll wait for the real thing. But I don't see much that would make me leave the platform. It's either right or left and I like being right
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    I talked with an Apple employee at a local Southern CA CompUSA on Saturday about the next G4 being renamed the G5 and he flat out said that Apple is not going to do it. He also mentioned that there will be some changes to the next iMac but gave no details.

    - Mark
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    What if they call it B-52? Will it bomb?

    Seriously though, who cares what the name is. In the end it's how it performs that is going to matter.
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    Except for the fact that there is the 86x P4 and the Risc G4....hmmm I'm a dumb consumer, Which do I choose? they both sound good, well this ones cheaper I'll get the P4.

    thats what apple COULD think(which I would kick them for)

    they had better not do crap like that, thats shit that M$ or dell or gateway would do.

    g5 is 8500 you say, good lets keep it that way

    or they could call the next computer the


    lol(or is it 7550? for apollo?)
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    G4s masquerading as G5s? What's the point? MacHeads won't be fooled. The people who need Power Macs will buy them regardless. And consumers look mostly at MHz; they certainly didn't ignore the delta between G4 and Pentium III simply because four is larger than three.

    As long as Apple can break well past the 1GHz mark, there's no reason compelling enough to do something so unseemly, I think.

    What I do wonder about is Apple's use of this grand rhetoric - you know, about 'revolution,' etc. Have we forgotten the story of the Little Boy Who Cried Wolf? You can only fool the people so many times (*cough* iPod *cough*)



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    I'd laugh.
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    xypexype Posts: 672member
    what would happen? PC users/press would be all over Apple for it, crying "foul tactics to hide old technology"

    that's my guess
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    powerdocpowerdoc Posts: 8,123member
    It does not make any sense, the generation has something to do with the design of the chip and not the fab process;

    The appolo is very similar in many way with the 7450 excepting some minor improvement, it's just a question of fab process.

    If Apple wanted the name G5 he will have done it one year before, because there was many changes between a 7400 and a 7450, improved altivec unit, 7 pipeline stage, refined cache system ....

    So may be we can see an appolo named g5 but only the first april
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    [quote]Originally posted by Wrong Robot:


    lol(or is it 7550? for apollo?)</strong><hr></blockquote>


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