Scsi 160 Card For Os X Server

in macOS edited January 2014
Does anyone have a scsi 160 card maybe the adaptec 39160 or the ATTO UL3D. My question is does your card show up as a scsi-2 or a scsi-3 (scsi-160) card in the info window about your mac. The problem I am encountering is when I had os 9 on my mac, and either of these cards, my external raid tower wich is a scsi 160 tower, was showing fast read and writes in os 9 (like 150MB/sec to just over 160MB sec in both read and write). I also noticed that when opening files and saving it was fairly fast. When I switched over to mac os x server, I noticed that both of the scsi cards no matter wich I have in my system, shows up as a scsi-2 card in the profiler or (more about this mac). Also, my read and write speads suck compared to when I had os 9. I am now getting arround 50MB read and write on the ATTO and arround 75MB read and Write on the Adaptec.

Any advice would be great. Apple says that its the drivers for the cards but I dont understand cause apple sells these cards at least the ATTO with there systems and I havent heard of anyone not hitting the benchmark they should get.

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