HELP! I'm going to buy a car tomorrow!

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Honda has a 2.9% financing deal through Wednesday, and I can't resist new car fever any longer. I'm going for the Honda Accord Coupe and have downloaded the Consumer Reports car report to help me in negotiations. It shows that the base price I should allow them to work UP from (for the model I'm after) is approximately US$21,700.

I've been so busy today that I had to call dealerships from my car to ask them for their best prices....the lowest telephone price I've received so far is "in the mid 23's".

The salesman who took me out for a test drive on Sunday says that he can beat anyone else's price....

I'm busy as a cat covering up shit this week, so I don't have a lot of time to fool around with these guys and I can comfortably sit back and just wait for end-of-the-year deals if I must (although that 2.9% rate is so SWEET).

I need some good fundamental (North American marketplace) car-buying advice from you car freaks TONIGHT!



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    scottscott Posts: 7,431member
    Make up a low price and ask them if they can beat it.

    Honda charges for the financing. It adds to the loan amount. Mention that to them.
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    sdw2001sdw2001 Posts: 17,990member
    It depends on what the demand is like, but I'd offer them invoice for the car.

    Edmund's price is about two grand off the sticker. Go look it up at Find the invoice for your model. The coupe EX with leather is like $22,000.


    I wouldn't even worry about other prices. Find the exact model you want and offer them dead invoice for it. Ask them for the invoice itself. In PA, I'm pretty sure they HAVE to show you this if you ask. If you pay 500-700 over invoice, that would be fine on a Honda. Definitely negotiate UP...that's a good idea.

    --You'll pay destination, but DO NOT pay "delivery and handling". That's a bogus charge.

    --Bring a loan calculator with you and double check their math. Even if they tack on a grand to the price it will only add $15-20 a month for the payment. Be careful. The tried this with me once.

    --Watch the "disappearing trade-in" tactic. This, as one might guess, is a little calculation trick that makes your trade-in money disappear on the bottom line. Check their math. Three times.

    --Don't fall for the "liar or buyer" routine. This means the salesman says to you: "OK, so if I do "x" will you do "y"?" They're trying to get a comittment. Say "Perhaps" or "maybe".

    ---If you really want to be a prick, ask them how much their holdback is. The holdback is the amount they get paid from the dealer after they sell the car. You can use this when they try to bullshit you with the old "I'm only making $49 on this car" line. They'll actually make $1k+ when they tell you that.

    I have purchased several cars from reputable dealers. They're all scumbags. Really. Don't listen to their bullshit. Tell them the car you want and the price you'll pay.

    BTW,I know 2.9% is good for a Honda...but it's not great. Keep that in mind. E-mail me tonight if I can help with anyting else. I've done it a few times before.
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    here's the key to buying a car, haggle, haggle, get their best offer, give them your counter offer (a little lower than you think you should pay) then get ready to walk. no salesman worth his salt will let you leave the building.

    leave the building = lose the sale.

    threatening to split always get the ground to crumble a little
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    dual867dual867 Posts: 31member
    I know this is a little late...But I think your first mistake(and I mean no offence) would be to pick a certain day that you were planning on buying a car. If you're too eager to drive away in a new car, then you are not going to get the dealer's best deal. You have to go in expecting to leave if things don't work out fairly for you. I think too many people are enamoured with the shiney show room cars, making them more vulnerable to get screwed around by a shrewd businessman. Accord EX-L(Canadian model) is one fiiiiine automobile. I hope you are very happy with it!!!

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