St. Anger

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Any MetallicA fans out there? What do you think of the new track? I think its different...but in a good way. I hope the whole album is as catchy as the title track. Any thoughts?


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    seanmseanm Posts: 69member
    My quick and dirty review... (Copy and pasted from my post @ the Megadeth message board)


    Well, I have heard it three times so far. The first time I simply felt apathy toward the song. Its new metallica, which should be exciting, but it simply didn't do too much for me. I am pleased that they are attempting something new, and by no means is it bad, it just didn't grab me like their songs have in the past. By the third time the song grew on me quite a bit, particularly the little things that one doesn't hear following a single listen. I thought that the music video was quite gritty, no doubt to fit in with the harsh 'garage' production. Nice angry facial expressions by the All-Mighty Hetfield combined with various references to urban violence encouraged a glorious atmosphere of pain and inflamed passion. The video was quite appropriate.

    Many great albums have historically taken me a few listens to get into. I'm assuming that the same is true with many of you. For those that have simply stated it's nu-metal, sucks, and so on, perhaps all it will take is a few more listens. I'm going to purchase it, and if I don't like it after numerous spins, I'll simply sell it back to my local shop for their used bin.

    I'm quite curious as to what else Metallica has in store for us starving metalheads.



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    Not a Metallica fan.

    I'm more interested in Marilyn Manson's new album.
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