Anyone use an after-market power adapter for PB?

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I have the PB 17" and I'm in need of an additional power adapter. I was going to pick one up at my local Apple store until I saw they wanted $79, and it didn't appear to include the grounded plug (that must be an extra).

So I was wondering if there are any after-market power adapters that anyone has used?

Any recommendations? Any "stay away" from warnings?



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    wmfwmf Posts: 1,164member
    I got a BTI for my Pismo after I broke the cord on my UFO. It works fine.
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    bjnybjny Posts: 191member
    Someone purchase the Juice from iGo and let us know how it is please
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    jwri004jwri004 Posts: 626member
    That pisses me off. Here I am in NZ trying to buy an adapter which does not include the grounding and I can't!!

    Then again the plug at the end would be all screwy anyway.

    Ever tried getting apple to send you something when you don't live in the same country? Exercise in futility. They tell me to contact the NZ supplier who have no idea and send me the wrong parts, even though I specifically tell what I am looking for and outline the difference between old and new.

    Pissing into the wind.

    For those who contact apple say "hi" to Lee-Anne (an abortion that should have happened)

    Welcome to my rant of hate.....
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