Newspaper Byline strike

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Well if you want to see a strike in action, my dad's paper is doing a byline strike because Knight Ridder is holding out on contract talks. Just thought it might interest a few of you.

Good luck Dad


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    casecomcasecom Posts: 314member
    Saw that this morning ... all the locally written articles just said "Pioneer Press staff writer" on top ... kinda strange.

    here's another link (although it's from last night and hasn't been updated this morning).

    Good luck to your dad.
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    spotcatbugspotcatbug Posts: 195member
    Uh... I'm confused. Doesn't withholding a byline hurt the reporter? Why would the paper care about that?

    Not trying to be snotty, I honestly don't get this strike. \
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    mrmistermrmister Posts: 1,095member
    The paper cares because it calls attention to the strike...which creates bad press. (ha ha)
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