iPod won't play .aiff files

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I bought the new iPod 15 GB (and am using 10.2.6 and iTunes 4.0) and love it. But I can't seem to get it to play large .aiff files. I have a dozen or so of these files which are 40-50 Mb each. They're actually not music, but audio recordings of my grandparents. Anyway, when I try to play one the iPod pauses and then moves to the next .aiff file and does the same thing. In about 15 seconds it runs through all ten .aiff files without playing any of them. These files work just fine in iTunes and on a CD I burned.

I checked the KB and didn't see anything. Any suggestions? Is the iPod choking on the file size (I doubt that). Thanks.



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    der kopfder kopf Posts: 2,275member
    I doubt (too) that file size is an issue. I have some 50-70 MB mp3s (an hour or more worth of radio show or stuff like that) that play just fine. I looked around on Apple discussions and read here and there that it might be the latest firmware. I'm sure that, if this is an actual problem, Apple will fix this in a firmware update asap (they kind of are like that, you got to give them that). Is converting the files to AAC or mp3 a solution?
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    Der Kopf,

    I'll try that this weekend and let you know what happens. Thanks.

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