iMovie3 is it time to reinstall

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I installed iMovie3 on the day of release and was horrified to see my slick new iMac editing system reduced to a glitchy PC grade abortion of a machine. Promptly reinstalled iMovie2.

Has it been improved enough now to warrant upgrading again from 2?


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    k_munick_munic Posts: 357member

    that simple. iMovie3.x is instable, unprecise, slow.

    buy FCE - a pro tool for a very fair price.

    or stay with iMovie2 - a hobbiest tool for a much better price :-))
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    iMovie 3.0.2 is schizophrenic. Though if I'm patient, save often and restart the application everytime I trash something, I can endure.
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    if I'm patient, save often and restart the application everytime I trash something, I can endure.

    Sounds appalling.

    My copy of iPhoto is slow as hell also and I've been hearing negative feedback about iDVD3 also.

    This Apple downgrading has worked in a sense I for one will definately be buying FCE a.s.a.p.

    My opinion of Apples commitment to stable and functional software has gone down a lot though.
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    jaredjared Posts: 639member
    I was just at a wedding yesterday that I filmed. On my way home I pulled out my PowerBook 800 and I hooked my video camera right up. With 90% battery I was able to pull in one hour of footage with some time to spare. Today I put the videos together with no problem, transitions, music and pictures.

    I am not sure why people have an issue with iMovie 3.
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    the generalthe general Posts: 649member
    I have had no problems with Imove3, or Iphoto, or Itunes, or Ichat or anything, have 5 macs.

    (of course, only one has dvd, my new 1ghz imac), but no problems.

    my camera isnt compatible with osx, so I import using imove one an os9 machine, then over network copy to osx machine then edit with imovie, and burn with idvd.

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    What seems to be most peculiar is the different experiences of recent iApp users. iMovie3 for instance seems to run like a dog on some systems, but run fine on other similair systems.

    I have a 6 month old 800mhz 17in 256mb iMac and iMovie3 (which is now removed) and iPhoto2 (which is unbelievably slow) have given me serious productivity headaches. The iApps that were pre-installed ran like a dream.

    What's the secret to the new iApp success?
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