Virtual PC drive images question

in Genius Bar edited January 2014
I use Virtual PC 6 on an ibook 600. Sporadically. I use it with a Windows 98 SE image I've been using since VPC 3 or 4. Now, after plenty of looking around, I've found out that, if I convert the image to 'expanding', it has 520 MB as its max. size. I'd rather it had 2 GB or so, giving me a little room to move around (because now, installing one app will render the image unusable). In VPC 4 or 5, I forget, I used to have the option to enlarge the image, but not in 6. Am I mistaken?

In any case, I thought the easiest thing I might do is copy the contents of the one image to another, new, expanding image with a max of 2GB. How do I do this? From within Windows, I guess, but I'm not sure. Anybody know?


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