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12" PB not booting up properly. Get to blue screen and nothing past that. Does anyone have any suggestions? Apple Care is not answering the phone today!




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    Here are a few things you can 'try' at start-up

    Hold down X during startup supposedly forces OS X to start up

    Hold down R during startup forces a screen reset (not likely)

    Hold down command V during startup will start in verbose mode.

    The last option I have absolutley no idea what this does but I had a similar problem on my PB. It shows the system loading up and then flicked into the login screen as though nothing had happened. I did not have to enter anything it just worked. Whether this will the case for you, who knows?

    Use these at your own peril.....
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    Some possible reasons for your problem, along with solutions:

    Problem: Network Services stall.

    Solution: Sometimes you get a long stall after changing your network settings. Usually, this is temporary. If not, then you may be able to get your machine to start up by disconnecting (or reconnecting) your network-connection hardware (i.e. unplug your ethernet cable).

    Problem: Auto-dial

    Solution: If you have your computer set to "Connect automatically when starting TCP/IP applications" in the PPP tab of the Internal Modem pane of the Network preferences, this may cause a blue screen crash. To fix this, do the following:

    1. Boot in single-user mode (hold down Command-S during startup).

    2. Type: <mount -uw /> and press Return.

    3. Type <mv /var/db/SystemConfiguration/preferences.xml preferences.old> and press Return.

    4. Type <reboot> and press Return.

    Problem: Corrupt Font

    Solution: Boot into OS 9 (hold down Option during startup). Remove the Fonts folder from the OS 9 System Folder (drag it to the desktop). Remove any fonts from the OS X Fonts folder that you have added (not that came pre-installed with OS X). Restart. If the computer starts, one (or more) of your fonts is corrupt. Start replacing them a few at a time until the freeze occurs again, and you will have found the guilty font.

    Problem: Third Party Startup Items

    Solution: If you have recently installed any third party items, they may have added items to the Startup Items folder. Remove these items and restart. Note: Don't remove any startup items that were installed by the OS.

    Problem: kext File

    Solution: You could have a corrupt extension (though this is unlikely). If you have recently installed any software that installed an extension (usually indicated by the requirement of a restart) then this could be the case. Try starting up in OS 9 and deleting the file Extensions.mkext (this is not a critical file, and will be re-created during startup, so don't worry about causing more harm). Note: Don't remove any kext files that were installed by the OS (when in doubt, don't delete it!).

    Problem: Hardware Problem

    Solution: Take your machine to an Apple Certified repair facility.

    Hope some of this is helpful.

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