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How do I make mail ask for my password when i open it or try to retrieve mail from my account. Im the only account on this computer but other people try to read it when im not here so itd be nice if i could get a password.



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    snofsnof Posts: 98member
    -> Go into preferences

    -> Select your email account

    -> Click edit

    -> Under Account Information delete your password

    -> Close Preferences

    -> Quit

    After doing this, when you open up Mail again, it will require a password to fetch new mail. Note that mail already on your computer can still be read.

    Also, if you open mail, type your password, and then go into preferences for some reason, it seems to remember your password after that. So if you go into prefs, be sure to delete the password field again.

    When you're done with mail, be sure to quit, otherwise if you've already entered a password it will still be in there and anyone can walk along and check your mail.

    That should work. Alternatively you could just log out or have a pass-worded screen saver if you don't want other people using the machine.

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