CFI & II slot in LCD iMac ???

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I was just messing around with my new digital camera and it occured to me that plugging and unplugging the camera from my Mac is kind of a pain.

It would be pretty sweet if the LCD iMac had a slot for Compact Flash I & II cards. So you don't have to plug the camera in, you just pop in the flash card from the camera. It's a tiny little slot if you have never seen one and it probably cost Apple very little.

Or it could even be a PCMCIA slot with an included Compact Flash adapter.

It would be a really neat 'digital hub' feature.


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    Tis a good idea but thats the type of thing I don't expect from apple, and I do expect in pcs, Pcs always have gimmicky things like that, what would be pretty cool(for style) would be a smart card reader, A friend of mine has one of these, I've never seen a smart card in my life but apparently they are going to replace credit cards(or were going to) lol

    seriously though, that would go along greatly with the digital hub thing but I only think apple would even consider doing that if they had their own digital camera(hint hint

    I doubt it though.

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