New Archos video/MPS player

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Not bad. Of course, Apple could do MUCH better.

I hope the rumored OLED technology pans out and Apple goes with it.

It would be sweet!

Sign me up if it happens.


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    Thanks for posting the link. Saw it yesterday but was just waiting for someone to heh. If they made it record in uncompressed wav, 320k mp3 (and not limited to 190 or whatever it was) and SHN would sure be nice too, then I would be interested. Oh yeah, perhaps DV recording direct from camera. I know I ask for a lot, but that is what it would take to make me interested. (And extremely interested at that)
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    pyr3pyr3 Posts: 946member
    I haven't checked the specs cuz I'm too lazy but I heard that it had a TVout on it. This could be a very awesome idea. Aportable DivX player that you can put you movies on and 'lug' to your friend's house and hook up to their TV. And this doesn't include things like having to setup tons of software to make a HTPC (Home Theater PC) just to watch stuff like that on your TV (I use internet instead of VCR to get my fav shows like Enterprise and 24 since I usually can't watch them on TV). I dunno about the watching it on the smal screen on the portable, but the ability to have a large HDD for movies that can play them to TV is cool. I think that this aspect of a portable video player is what will really take off. The ability to watch it on the portable screen will be secondary. At least in my book. Also, hopefully it has good battery life. i.e. You can watch a movie or two on one battery charge instead of a laptop which probably won't last that long playing video.
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