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Okay - I know the rule about posting the same thread in different forums, but virtually no one seems to even read the genius bar threads anymore, so I'm going to try here...

My iMac recognizes data CDs just fine, e.g., the Apple

Hardware diagnostics disk, the OS X boot disk and the MacHome 2002 Software disk, etc. - but has a problem with audio CDs and game CDs. When I put in an audio CD the Superdrive starts to spin up, stops and repeats about five times before ejecting after a minute or two - but no error message.

A couple of weeks ago I jumped from 10.2.4 to 10.2.6, and this seems to correlate with the problem. At the time I updated all of my software via the SFU panel. When my problem started I ran all the diagnostic tests I could think of and nothing was found.

Anyone else experiencing this problem? Do you think it's software or hardware related? I originally thought I'd broken the Superdrive, but it reads the Apple data disks that come with the iMac just fine.

Any help appreciated


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    winadminwinadmin Posts: 1member
    I saw this with one Super Audio CD. Everything else worked fine.

    Hope it's a software fix, I'd hate to miss out on SA audio on my PB12.
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    I'm pretty confident that it's a 10.2.5 problem. I reset the PRAM and the NVRAM with no effect, and tried some other stuff but nothing worked. I can burn audio CD's (they play in my car and home stereo just fine) but not read them on the computer. I can't seem to burn a photo CD though (it craps out on the verification process and claims there was as internal error). Since I lack a home internet connection (this is India after all) worthy of the name, I have the option of either reverting to a previous version of 10.2 or waiting for 10.3 in a couple of months and hoping that will fix everything.

    I'll probably just wait for 10.3 and do a clean install.
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