keynote update at apple now

in Mac Software edited January 2014
boy apple has been busy lately...

go here

30mb,,,woah,,,big update

are they saving anything for macworld/iCreate??

WWDC should be exciting...panther, iChat2 with webcam, safari 1.0...will we really see hardware or will there be a special event that follows WWDC??? powermacs and powerbooks and gobi, oh my...



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    physguyphysguy Posts: 916member
    Still doesn't allow two columns of bulleted text, i.e., for a list pro and cons side-by-side. I don't know why you can't add bullets to a text box, or have two 'body text' boxes in a slide. To me, this is a major missing element preventing me from adopting this for all of our presentaitons.
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