iChat and MSN users via AOL

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I haven't checked out the details yet, but I'm told that as part of the MS IE buy-in with AOL*, Both parties agreed to merge their instant messenger user bases (so MSN messenger users can talk to AIM users and vice versa). AOL already own ICQ and so cross polination with AIM has been due for ages, and now MSN will join the party.

Is this all an opportunity for us iChat users to talk direct to MSN users? MSN Messenger for OSX isn't the most dreadful piece of software, but I'd rather have one messaging client to talk to all my friends, and that client be ichat.

* for those living in a cave, AOL has done a deal where they'll use IE as their browser for the next 7 years - sheer madness when AOL own netscape with accesss to the rapidly improving mozilla codebase, but hey.


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    frawgzfrawgz Posts: 547member
    Thinksecret says the next big revision of iChat will have support for more IM protocols. I wonder if MSN will be one of them?
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