Freezing Volume Control

in macOS edited January 2014
Whenever I don't restart my laptop for a while, like most people do ... putting it to sleep all the time, using the keyboard controls for volume and brightness cause the video to lag a few seconds. The display freezes. I know that the computer is still going since movies will still play sound but the video is frozen. After a couple of seconds of the volume/brightness graphic shows up and changes the setting. This isn't somethng like 'the graphic just has to load to memory' or something like that because if I try to adjust the volume more directly afterwards the delay is still there. This entire thing remedies with a reboot. I think maybe this is a memory issue. I have a TiBook 667 v2 with 256meg RAM running OSX 10.2.6. Any thoughts? Is this an OSX.2.6 issue. I can't recall this happening at all or at least often in the past as it does now. But I don't remember this starting near to my update to 10.2.6 though.
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