iPod cigarette power adaptor & engine noise

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I'm looking to add an iPod to a Honda Accord 2003's factory radio as an auxillary device and know all the steps involved in getting this to work, but am concerned about reports of "engine noise" coming through the stereo when the iPod is connected to the car's 12v power adaptor. The power adaptor I've heard referenced is the one by Belkin.

I'm just wondering, for those of you with a hard-line from your iPod to your car stereo, do you have engine noise present when you're plugged into the car's 12v power? What brand of adaptor are you using?

Is there a solution to this issue?



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    alcimedesalcimedes Posts: 5,486member
    no engine noise, picked up the Monster Cable charger.
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    ebbyebby Posts: 3,110member
    Buy medium to high-quality spark plug cables. Most of the car noise is caused by old, failing resistance wires. (Resistance wires = BAD!) Car companies use these crummy wires because they are cheap.
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    drewpropsdrewprops Posts: 2,321member
    Alcimedes, thanks for the mention of Monster....I emailed them and got a reply back within hours explaining that the noise problem derives from a ground loop that occurs between the audio ground and the chassis ground. He suggested obtaining an isolation transformer and even sent me a picture and the stock number (270-054) of a pre-made Radio Shack part that's ready to plug and chug. Simply fit it between the radio and the iPod and PRESTO!

    Such service makes me really like Monster Cable!

    Oh yeah, it seems that a 12v adaptor to fit the new iPods won't be ready from Monster until late July....
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