Flush DNS info in X?

in macOS edited January 2014
I had an old B/W G3 running OS 9. I decided to wipe it and throw Jag on it. No problem. BUT...

The G3 is still broadcasting old network info to my LAN.

The G3 is still "holding to" the OS 9 computer name info (which is set in the OS 9 File Sharing Control Panel).

My DNS server must be binding the G3's MAC address to a (legacy) DNS entry. The entrry is NOT hard-coded into DNS.

I have reformatted the drive and I have named the OS X box a totally different name.

When I use the Terminal (tcsh), the local host name at the CLI prompt is the name of the G3 back when it ran OS 9 too!


[old-os9-computer-name:~] Welcome to Darwin!

instead of:

[proper-computer-name:~] Welcome to Darwin!

How can I purge this info?


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