The Page 1, 2, Next is small! Can there be a GIF or larger text?

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Especially on my PowerBook 12" the next page or page 1 2 3 is really small. Either bigger writing and/or a picture would make it a lot easier so I don't have to look at the text and aim. Brad I think I mentioned this a while ago so what do ya'll think.


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    hobbeshobbes Posts: 1,252member
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    FYI, I'm working on modifying the "Next" page navigation links today. I'll be tinkering with duplicating them at the tops of the pages as well as looking into how I might make them easier to click.
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    Okay, I've changed those tiny arrow chevrons into larger words for added clickability. I've also rearranged the top of the thread template to allow for duplicate nav links at the top.

    Here's an example page to show it off.
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    paulpaul Posts: 5,278member
    cool beans

    thanks brad
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    aquaticaquatic Posts: 5,602member
    Thanks brad that's really great for lowly modem users like me (for summer!)

    The text is still small though, a next button would be cool but considering all the hubbub thanks for that upgrade.

    883 pages that is INSANE!!!! I'll have to check that out, it looks like most of you have good taste.
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