fileshare users in OS X also share computer?

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I am trying to set up some user to share my public folder. However if I follow the instructions in the help files and TILs I end up creating acounts for them as well.

Something like

"DrBoars Computer"




"user 1" then have to log on to "DrBoar" folder not the "user 1" and of course using the "user1" as identity not as "DrBoar". That is really confusing

I want to have as it was on Apple share in the OS 7 OS 8 and 9 days were you created a lost of users that could reach a shared folder on the network and it had nothing to do with being a user of the computer as such

I want one folder only to be shared and no other computer accounts than my own on the computer and still be able to share that one folder with mac and win users


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    skalmanskalman Posts: 42member

    if understand it right, all u have to do is to turn filesharing on and then log in as Guest over the network to this machine. U might have it confused with the Shared folder that is accessable by the users on the machine.
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    drboardrboar Posts: 477member
    Thanks for the anwer, Indeed I might have missunderstood. Anyhow the problem is that I prefer it to be password protected and it need to be acceced by PC as well as mac

    I do have that folder

    user/shared that is owned by "system" and have the group "wheel" what ever that means

    And winows sharing mess things up: "Users connecting to Windows File Sharing must have user accounts on the Mac OS X computer that is sharing. There is no guest access. "

    Perhaps I will put it up on a Win XP box instead
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    toweltowel Posts: 1,479member
    Hmm. So you basically want to put a password protection on your personal Public folder. What about doing it via web sharing instead of file sharing? It's pretty straightforward to put password access on a web site, and then you can add usernames and passwords to your heart's content without it affecting your Mac at all. Obviously you could host all the files locally on your Mac, and it would be completely platform-agnostic. Plus accessable from anywhere, not just the local network.
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