Is there a problem with the new iPods?

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I read an article on The Register about a big problem that Apple had with this week's release of iSync and saw that someone was also grumbling about the new iPods...saying that there were tons of stuff happening in the Apple discussion I went to read those discussions, but didn't find anything that leaped out at me.

My basic question is: what kinds of problems HAVE there been with this newest version of the iPod, and are they widespread?

Thanks guys, hope the list is short....I'd like to get one of these things this summer~


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    thegeldingthegelding Posts: 3,230member
    some have had a skipping problem (i haven't)...i think all heard a soft pop between songs (i have, but i have to listen for it and i think it is with the old iPods as well)...and some have the iPod freeze at times (i have had this need to reset...i find that if i manually reset after charging the iPod that it doesn't freeze)...i am hoping that a iPod release of 2.1 will address the freeze and skip issue...but the iPod is still a wonderful thing

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    cranercraner Posts: 6member
    I have one of the new 30 gig ipods and have the 'ticking' problem. This is where between the tracks in the songs you can hear a soft 'tick'. I guess some people would not think it is a big issue, but once you know it is there it is quite annoying. I had a second generation 10 gig ipod before and that has no ticks. Also the ipod locks up from time to time and needs a reset to get it working. I am in the process of getting it exchanged. If you look on the apple support forum you will see a long thread on 'ticks'. Many users have had this problem. We are all waiting for a fix - possibly firmware. It appears the 30 gig version is particually troublesome, but it is difficult to tell.
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