Airport Problems

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I have an iMac 800 and an iBook 800 each loaded with airport cards. The iMac is connected to my cable modem and is setup as a software basestation. For awhile I was recieving signals from the iMac to my iBook and the internet sharing worked great. Suddenly, the computers do not recognize one another. I have the network setup the same but the iBook cannot find the iMac. And I connected the ethernet into the iBook and set it up as a software basestation and the iMac did not recognize the iBook. What am I to do here? All I want is for this to function the way it should. Are my cards dead or something?


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    pippinpippin Posts: 91member
    Anyone? anyone?

    Even weirder is that the network briefly reappeared and functioned normally for a few hours recently and then stopped and the option of any airport networks within range does not show up on my ibook. its just plain ****ed up.
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    ebbyebby Posts: 3,110member
    Might try a direct connection using the Cat-5 cable to see if it is a wireless problem of configuration problem. May help focus in on your problem.\
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