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alright guys i am new to this mac game i must admit, so heres my question...

I have a digital camera that has a option to use it as a webcam, well the software that came with it is junk (surprise). But it only works on a PC, so is there any software out there for the mac's that makes this work in 10.2?


why did i wait so long to switch?????


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    vandewaalsvandewaals Posts: 450member
    Well first off, what KIND of camera is it (make and model)?

    The manufacturer might have OS X drivers on their website check there first. Look on Versiontracker also. I have seen a few generic webcam drivers on there for use with OS X, and these may be just what you need.
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    rlprlp Posts: 21member
    i have a fuji finpix 2600 Z, i am looking for the drivers as i post this. thanks for the help too.
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