OS X USB Print Sharing W/ Windows

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How do I get my Win 2K box to see a USB printer being shared by an OS X box on my LAN?

I have the (Epson) driver for the printer for both Windows and the Mac and its installed properly.

Both file and print sharing works fine for my other Macs on the LAN.

The Win 2K box can 'see' and log into the Samba share of the OS X box, but I cant see the USB printer its hosting.

I dont think its possible for a PC to use a Mac-shared USB printer, right?

How do I 'name' the USB printer in OS X to broadcast it to the PC in order to have the proper \\\\servername\\printername\\ path?


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    frawgzfrawgz Posts: 547member
    I'm set up to share my USB connected HP 930C with my roommate, who uses Windows XP.

    This might be of some help:

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    dstranathandstranathan Posts: 1,717member
    Thanks. Good link. Although the instructions are VERY different than how my CUPS config looks. Im not sure if I should host with http, IP, or what is best for a Win 2K client.
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    dstranathandstranathan Posts: 1,717member
    So, do you need to have Print Sharing enabed in the System Prefs Pane with CUPS?

    Are you using IPP with http?
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