Who sells engraved iPods?

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Anyone other than Apple and SmallDog sell engraved iPods?


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    Anyone? Well, while we're at it what have you had engraved on your iPod? Let's see some pictures too! I am just thinking about my name and email address but maybe one of you can inspire me. I'm drawing a blank here...
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    I really wanted to doing engraving on mine, but then the $19 didn't seem worth it, then $23 in tax, I didn't want to wait to get it either, the idea was shot down in a thread I had going in "General Discussion". In the meantime, I was told that the engraving is exactly like the other engraving on the back of the iPod, it looks cool though. 8)
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    Well, I received my engraved iPod yesterday and I love it. I just had it engraved with my name and email address. I couldn't think of anything clever to put on it.

    I also just received a non-engraved iPod and don't need both so I will let the non-engraved one go for $385 shipped if anyone is interested. It is a brand new 3rd gerneration 15GB still sealed in the shrinkwrap.

    Email me if interested in the non-engraved iPod!
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