Airport network, messanger on pc unable to use audio conferencing

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hi all,

I have following setup:

adsl modem connected to abs. ti connected wirelessly, and xp box connected to lan port on abs.

On that PC i can't initiate voice conference using messanger, but when i caonnect it directly to adsl modem, no problemos.

Anyone know what port that this piece of **** (messanger) uses?

any pointers?



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    pyr3pyr3 Posts: 946member
    Use the UNIX command 'netstat' to figure out what port it is using when you have it working.
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    piwozniakpiwozniak Posts: 815member
    Look at that...

    The actual Real-time Transport Protocol (RTP) streams are sent using dynamically allocated UDP ports in the range of 5004 ? 65535. Without a way to open these UDP ports on any firewall in the path dynamically, the streams will fail to reach their destination.

    5004 ? 65535

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    piwozniakpiwozniak Posts: 815member
    One more question...

    Is there any way to specify range in port mapping?

    Don't tell me that i have to create a text file with thousands of entries

    (over 60,000 lines, )

    and import that.

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