new apple store in santa monica sparks a memory in this old old man...

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from macminute:

"For the past several weeks a store in Santa Monica on the Third Street Promenade (between Wilshire and Arizona) has had a black facade with a huge, white Apple logo and "" printed on the outside." first job was shining shoes at the third street promenade...i'm sure it has changed alot since then...i was 6 or 7 years old and use to take my homemade shoe shining kit down there and work for some great tips too...jesus, what was that, 1967 or 1968...ahhh, the good old days before LA grew all the way from the mountains to the sea and before like 18 billion people lived there...

living on 3rd street was one of my favorite times...if anyone has see "Dogtown and the Z Boys", that was my life back then...little long-haired skate punk...sigh...



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    I love third street.

    Good times there.
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    Wow, 3rd Street was a whole different place back then....I'm starting to share a similar nostalgia for the way Atlanta used to be before the world discovered it. A few summers back I lived at a hotel near third street promenade for about four or five days....what's the name of that place...The Hotel Carmel maybe? Every night I'd go down to the little food court on 3rd street, down near the mall, and get some thai noodles.

    One of the homeless guys there had a great line...."hey, you're that actor guy aren't you?!". Sure to get a tip from somebody with that kind of smoothtalk (but not me).
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    ah.. I love g. (and his memories)

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    Originally posted by Defiant

    ah.. I love g. (and his memories)

    thanks d....perhaps i will add a story or two here of my youth...


    My Mother on Acid


    How I Became The Gelding Vol 1

    third street was great...i basically lived at the beach---14, 15 hours a day...i can't count the number of times i got sunstroke and had to be carried home and thrown into a ice filled bathtub...hippie mom and stepdad with absolutely no supervision given to the cat named love, pet snake called slither (and slither 2 when slither 1 escaped)...vw bus that we used to travel around southwestern usa and mexico...drugs, nudity, visitation days with my dad spent drinking at the bars with my alcoholic dad and his movie star drinking buddys (meet steve mcqueen and lee marvin)...little bar near the palisades called Chez Jays or something like drinking hard, me drinking shirley temples, but because i refused to drink a "girly" drink the bartender called it a Captain Kangaroo just for me...wonderful days, bazaar nights and way way way too much freedom....

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