What is the fastest external HD setup?

in Current Mac Hardware edited January 2014
Ok, I'm looking for the fastest external HD setup that is mobile. First off, it cannot be a SCSI variant but a Firewire based. I am not ready for FW800 but it would be great to have for the future.

So far, the best setup that I can come up with is by OWC's HDs that are 7200 rpm/ Oxford 922. I wasn't aware of Oxford 922 but is assuming that it's new version of 911 but changed because of FW800 plug. The fact that it has FW800, FW400, USB2 & 1 and is bi-voltage is excellent. Ido travel to EU so this is an important factor. The only downside is that the casing construction dosn't seem sturdy. I like the look and the solid construction of LaCie Ex. HDs but I'm not sure if it's faster that the OWCs. If any of you have knowledge in this please open your trap...thanks!


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