I hate Hillary. I hate her, I hate her, I hate her.

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Hillary Clinton is a cold. calculating, overly ambitious opportunist. She is a woman of total deceit...to the point that her truths would be easier to cite as exceptions than her lies. I believe that nearly everything out this woman's mouth is a lie. Everything. From her whitewater dealings, to travelgate, to her public appearances...it's all lies.

Let's start things off with the NYT book review of "Living History":


Excerpts from the liberal paper's review:


The first underscores the chameleonlike quality she's always shared with her husband, the belief, as he once put it, that character "is a journey, not a destination." The second underscores both the highly partisan atmosphere of the 1990's and the Clintons' reluctance to assume full responsibility for their own mistakes and evasions.


Overall the book has the overprocessed taste of a stump speech, the calculated polish of a string of anecdotes to be delivered on a television chat show.


The book struggles to turn the author's many contradictions ? the policy wonk who poses for Vogue; the self-righteous "politics of meaning" crusader who made a quick $100,000 in the commodities market; the big-picture reformer who has begun to position herself as a centrist ? into a narrative of maturation and reconciliation.

Now, one of those contradictions in the book. Hillary states that she did not know her husband was lying to her about Monica until August 15th, 1998. The problem is, this HAS TO BE false. The semen stained dress was discovered days before this. Hillary had to know before bill told her. This is the woman who had a husband that had affairs with perhaps hundreds of women over the years...including Paula Jones, Kathleen Willey and Jennifer Flowers. This is the man who used Arkansas state troopers to help him get women. There was also the rape charge from Juanita Broderick, there were gifts from Bill to Monica, ther were hundreds of stories over the course of their entire marriage...and she didn't know until he told her that this was true? If this is true than she obviously is the most oblivious person on Earth.



I also knew his failing was not a betrayal of his country. Everything I had learned from the Watergate investigation convinced me that there were no grounds to impeach Bill. If men like Starr and his allies could ignore the Constitution and abuse power for ideological and malicious ends to topple a president, I feared for my country."

"Bill and I had agreed to participate in regular martial counseling to determine whether or not we were going to salvage our marriage. On one level, I was emotionally shell-shocked and trying to deal with the raw wound I had suffered. On another level, I believed Bill was a good person and a great president. I viewed the independent counsel's assault on the presidency as an ever escalating political war, and I was on Bill's side."

Clinton. contrary to Hillary's implication, was not impeached because of sex. He lied under oath and obstructed justice. He had his law license suspended in Arkansas for doing so. He later admitted to intentionally misleading the grand jury. This is why he was impeached. Granted, Starr was out to get Bill. No question there. But, Bill still lied about it under oath. Hillary is twisting and spinning again.

Some intersting Linkies




From the last one:


Hillary Clinton gave "factually false" testimony about firing the White House travel staff, but not enough to warrant indictment, independent counsel Robert Ray has concluded.

And my favorite one about Hillary AND Bill"


Poltically, I am obviously on the opposite side of the spectrum as Clinton. I'm not even sure that's the point though. I find her to be a disgusting PERSON. I cannot really say that about her husband...though he was certainly morally bankrupt. He was, at least, a likeable guy.

It doesn't look good for her on the national poilitcal front either. Dick Morris (who I have only recently started listening to) states correctly that the first woman President is going to have to carry women BIGTIME in order to win. In addition to her hugely unfavorable numbers among white males, Clinton has a "higher unfavorable than favorable" rating with women. This can absolutely not be the case if she is ever to win a national election.

You may think this is nothing more than a a partisan attack. Believe me when I tell you, however, that though I disagree strongly with the likes of Kerry, Gephardt, Dean et al, I woudln't be personally sickened if they were elected.


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    Originally posted by groverat

    - Angry rants will not be allowed. The purpose of AppleOutsider is to foster discussion between forum members, not to vent anger or to push an agenda.


    Great link, Groverat, and happy 5000 post. I remember well this colonel klink and his taste for gorgious women.
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