I Love Jury Duty

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How many of you AI'rs have ever had the wonderful and joyous opportunity to sit on a jury? Better yet, who's been summoned to skip work for about 3¢/day and not even get onto a panel? Ugh. I'm kind of happy that I got onto a panel, because now I won't feel like all my time was wasted, but goddam is it boring.

I got a fvcking letter last year, that I had to serve the ol' justice brigade. Unfortunately for them, I was away at college. That didn't stop me though; they tried thrice to steal me away, and on the third I had no more excuses. Luckily school's out; So now I have the great pleasure to serve my county, state and nation in the most ridiculous compulsory job yet created.

For the poor saps who haven't enjoyed this experience yet, it combines all the fun of staying still, AND (!) paying attention. I think the worst part is before getting called into the court room, when in the waiting room. I, and about 300 others, were there for hours, with nothing to do, unless you brought a toy to amuse yourself. No talking, noise or food is allowed, so it's quiet and boring. Actual court isn't exactly rivetting either; several jurors fell asleep during testimony.

About the only good thing to come of it is the potential for me to help enact some change in the world. The particular case which I am panel'd for (which I'm not allowed to describe in too many terms) involves a law I am not particularly fond of, and by the temperature in the room, others aren't happy with either.

Do all free countries do this similarly? Force people to miss work, pay them sh-t, and then waste hours or days of their time before even panelling them. It's not like I had any definite and set plans for my real-money pay, but I intended to work up a savings, and this week is definitely going to hurt it; I may even have to cut back (gulp) on my drinking/stoning habit(s). (I guess it doesn't say much for my saving abilities when 1 week can hurt me, but who the f- are you to point that out? )

Now, for the conclusion, I'd like to express my feelings for jury duty in an interpretive dance, but since this is a text-based bb, I'll just write out a scream: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh!


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    scottscott Posts: 7,431member
    I've been called once in Chicago. Turns out that someone in my group didn't turn in their "stub" when they came in. So when they called our pool of people they came up short and passed us up. By that time it was too late. The morning rush was over and we were sent home after lunch.

    It wasn't so bad.
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    powerdocpowerdoc Posts: 8,123member
    It's the same system in France. I have been in a list ten years ago, they never called me : you can bet i was not worried.
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    andersanders Posts: 6,523member
    A bit different system here. I volunteered for four years of Jury duty. Its in our city court and I am only in action in minor cases (up to four years in prison)

    One judge and two lay judges (me and another) desides everything. Last about two to four hours. Doing this one or two times a month. Paid about $150 each time.

    I don´t mind doing it.
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